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Internet Safety Tips for Teens

Internet Safety Tips

by mobileman (10/16/2007 – 16:49)

A  Few Words on Social Networking Safety

 I am often asked for advice by friends who are parents of teenagers about how safe various IM, chat and social networks are for their kids. The advice one would give a teenager is different than that given to a pre-teen or elementary school child. Here is a collection of some of the advice I give regarding teenage chat safety:





















1-The Internet is a reflection of society. It has good, bad and ugly people.

2-Teenagers should only communicate online with people whom they know in the “real   world”.

3-Teenagers should keep their profiles secret/private/hidden to all, except for a white list of their trusted friends whom they know in the “real world”. 


4-Do not believe anything that a random chatter tells you. 

5-Do not believe how random chatters identify themselves . 

6-If you see something, say something: 

Companies like Upoc take tips regarding potentially inappropriate behavior between adults and underage subscribers very seriously. Tips are fully investigated and can result in referring an individual to the proper legal authorities.

7-Never agree to meet a stranger from a chat, IM or social network. If you pay attention to tip 2, this would never arise. 

8-Never give out any personal information for yourself or a friend.

9-If you are in a chat room or a chat group, everything you say can be viewed by all members. If you do not know all members of the group, proceed with great caution and pay attention to tips 4 and 5.

8-For parents: Keep track of your kids’ Internet usage. It is a good idea to keep the PCs in your home in a public place (living room, kitchen, family room, etc.). 

9-Lastly, teenagers should realize that anything they create online could influence (positively or negatively) college admissions officers as well as future employers. They should be cognizantof the digital footprint they are creating for themselves.

If you have other useful tips, please send them along.

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