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Upoc speaks out on Iran/Columbia Controversy


Upoc’s community speaks out on President of Iran’s speech at Columbia University

Sep 26 By mobileman

UPOC’s community speaks out on President of Iran’s Speech at Columbia University

A t UPOC we have a weekly poll of opted-in poll takers. During most weeks the poll centers on some aspect of pop culture.

With the big news item of the week being the speech of the Iranian president at Columbia University,

I decided to have the poll ask our community what they thought of that event.

Here is the poll question as it went out to about 350,000 mobile users:

President Mahmound Ahmadinejad of Iran’s speech at Columbia University…

A) Should not have happened

B) Was Okay – supports free speech

C) Don’t know/don’t care

Our typical response rate is in the mid single digits. While this isnot a strict scientific poll, it has enough responders and a broad enough cross section of demographic groups to give some valid indication of the pulse of the American public.

A similar poll was published in the New York Daily News. In that poll of approximately 2000 New Yorkers, 57% approved of Columbia University’s decision and 43% thought it was wrong.

The UPOC demographic tends to have an average age in the late 20’s/early 30’s, with almost an equal male/female split. All races, religions, geographic regions and political leanings are represented.

We have chat groups from all major religions. We have left and right oriented politics, as well all the varieties of sexual orientation. We have social networking in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and a several other languages.

So – the community does skew towards a younger demographic and thus under represents the 40+ population. With all that in mind here are the results:

Should not have happened 35%

Was Okay – supports free speech 31%

Don’t know/don’t care 34%

The UPOC community is basically evenly split between thinking that permitting the speech was a mistake, or “okay”, with a similar percentage undecided or not caring.

The purpose of the poll was not to make any particular political statement, but to show the value of mobile polling to rapidly reach a diverse audience and get a result back quickly and efficiently. The whole effort required one customer service representative to spend about 5 minutes.

As far as the interpretation of the results, I leave that to you, and other political pundits!

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