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Facebook, Itouch and Calamari- Perfect Together

What does Facebook, Itouch and Calamari have in common?  The answer is Greek Gods!

mlw_0001_0004_0_img0209 This evening I helped one of my daughter’s with her homework.  The assignment was to take pictures of religious icons and places within our town.  She had two denominations to photograph, Jewish (which is a low degree of difficulty for us!) and ancient Greek.

In case you have not noticed, there are few believers in Zeus in suburban New Jersey— or are there?

New Jersey is also the world capital of the…. you guessed it…. The Greek Diner.  No Greek diner worth its Gyros would be caught dead without appropriate statuary of the Gods.   We took a quick trip to the Livingston Diner for our assignment.  Since I felt it was just slightly awkward to run into a diner full of patrons take pictures of the scattered statues and leave. We decided it would be best to have a dad/daughter dinner.  Thus, with the help of Apollo we had some “quality time” between taking pictures and munching on fried calamari.

Since Facebook time is favorite topic in our house I asked her what she liked and disliked about the world’s number one social network.   When we got home I asked the same questions of the other children.  The answers were fairly consistent.
So, to the executives of Facebook – here is some free market research for you.

Safety First

Cyber safety has been taught at home and in the school since they first started using a computer.  They insist on using social networks and messaging only with people they know.  The protections built into Facebook gives a sense of safety, security and control to the Tween/Teen group.

Games – Not so much

Facebook games got three thumbs down.  Any activity that was not messaging, status updating or picture uploading rated very low with the Spencer gang.   I would conclude that there is a huge opportunity for Facebook to expand into the collaborative gaming market.  The problem is wading through the noise and junk applications.
A missing element in Facebook:

Better personalization.   They all expressed desire to have Facebook “skins” and create a more personalized page environment for their friends.   I would call this Facebook meets MySpace.

Communication is the key:6a00c225279d8e604a00fa968086520003-500pi

I was actually surprised to learn that all three of my children have virtually stopped using email!  Their main messaging mechanism is Facebook messages and Facebook instant messaging.  I asked them why? They told me everyone that wants to message  them is on Facebook and it is easier to remember a friend’s name, than their email address.  One daughter and son admitted to using email when they want to be more “official”, such as emailing a teacher.

Since getting hooked on Facebook they have stopped using AIM for instant messaging.

My son told me simply – “Everyone I know is always on Facebook, even during school” Even during school!?  It seems the wireless use of Facebook in a mobile environment is creating an always-connected social network.  The other school mechanism is WIFI.  Thanks to the Apple Itouch, the school WIFI network is serving as the Facebook network.  Facebook statuses now change, class to class.

Do your own personal research and let me know what you find out!


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Internet Safety Tips for Teens

Internet Safety Tips

by mobileman (10/16/2007 – 16:49)

A  Few Words on Social Networking Safety

 I am often asked for advice by friends who are parents of teenagers about how safe various IM, chat and social networks are for their kids. The advice one would give a teenager is different than that given to a pre-teen or elementary school child. Here is a collection of some of the advice I give regarding teenage chat safety:





















1-The Internet is a reflection of society. It has good, bad and ugly people.

2-Teenagers should only communicate online with people whom they know in the “real   world”.

3-Teenagers should keep their profiles secret/private/hidden to all, except for a white list of their trusted friends whom they know in the “real world”. 


4-Do not believe anything that a random chatter tells you. 

5-Do not believe how random chatters identify themselves . 

6-If you see something, say something: 

Companies like Upoc take tips regarding potentially inappropriate behavior between adults and underage subscribers very seriously. Tips are fully investigated and can result in referring an individual to the proper legal authorities.

7-Never agree to meet a stranger from a chat, IM or social network. If you pay attention to tip 2, this would never arise. 

8-Never give out any personal information for yourself or a friend.

9-If you are in a chat room or a chat group, everything you say can be viewed by all members. If you do not know all members of the group, proceed with great caution and pay attention to tips 4 and 5.

8-For parents: Keep track of your kids’ Internet usage. It is a good idea to keep the PCs in your home in a public place (living room, kitchen, family room, etc.). 

9-Lastly, teenagers should realize that anything they create online could influence (positively or negatively) college admissions officers as well as future employers. They should be cognizantof the digital footprint they are creating for themselves.

If you have other useful tips, please send them along.

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