Steven Spencer is managing a consultancy focused on digital media, mobile, social media, advertising, e-commerce and web applications.  He is providing a full range of services from Management and Strategy through Program and Project Management.  His clients range from Fortune 100 companies through emerging start-ups.  He is an Affiliate Consultant for the Yankee Group.

Recently Mr. Spencer’s services have included

Consulting CTO and Chief Strategist for Spectrum Mobile, an Ad supported Mobile service in emerging markets;

The consulting COO and CTO of Beezag, Inc., an emerging video advertising services provider for web, social media and mobile

Consulting Strategist for Vringo, an ad supported public mobile/social media applications company;

Project Manager and Strategist for a social media property;

Patent creation and defense for a video and e-commerce company;
and content consultant to a major communications vendor.
He is also on the advisory board of several early stage mobile, Internet and e-commerce companies

Previously, Mr. Spencer was Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of UPOC Networks. In addition to setting strategy and managing key customer relationships, he directed the product development, infrastructure deployment, QA and customer service for this leading wireless messaging and marketing company

He successfully integrated the business, operations and technology of Upoc into Dada S.P.A following Dada’s acquisition of Upoc in August of 2006 and served as a board member of Dada Entertainment, a Joint Venture of Dada USA and Sony BMG.

In 2004, Mr. Spencer served as the consulting CTO for Critical Mention. He directed the product development and infrastructure deployment for this Interactive television media monitoring company. He managed the technology of this start up enterprise through a successful first funding round.

He was previously the EVP for Wireless Systems at Pinnacor. In this role, Mr. Spencer was responsible for the overall executive leadership of the company’s wireless and alternative access segments. He grew this business, with sports, financial and news content ,  from its start-up, to be a significant supplier of content and wireless application services to Verizon, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, AT&T and other wireless carriers. Mr. Spencer also served as Pinnacor’s CTO and headed up their Product Management discipline. CBS Marketwatch acquired Pinnacor in 2004.

Mr. Spencer’s previous experience spans 20 years with Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies. During this time, he has held the positions of Senior Managing Director of Business Management for the wireless Internet applications, Project Director for Internet appliances, Director, Business Development for Internet Technologies and Project Director for Broadband interactive television.

Mr. Spencer began his career with Bell Laboratories in 1980 and has authored ten patents

Mr. Spencer has a BSEE from Union College, MSEE from Cornell University and an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.






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