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A ray of sunshine in the gloom?

The economic news is gloomy, even frightful.  The near term impact on the mobile services market will be predictable.  After all, is that $10/month ringtone subscription really essential? Do I really need to download a $7 game?  What about those Internet services for my phone? 


 There is one key tsunami trend that will buck the economic downturn, and eventually make this sector stronger and more vibrant than ever.  That trend is the mainstreaming of Smartphones.  The first ripple in this wave was the initial launch of the Iphone.  The wave increased with cheaper Blackberry’s, the LG envoy, the Instinct, and of course, another, cheaper Iphone.  The Smartphone has gone mainstream consumer.


This is the Tipping point!


Verizon XV6800 Smartphone

 Within the next 6 months we should see the lower featured versions of these phones as the free phone choice for new contracts – wow.


These phones are significant for three characteristics. –  Larger Screens, Improved browsing experiences and better data input (real and virtual keyboard entry) I watch with great interest because my youngest daughter (a “tweener”) and her friends all have this class of phone. “Dad I need a keyboard type – its just dworky on a keypad…”


This class of phones will become the standard device over the next year.  The mobile Internet is finally arriving in force.  So – the economy will do what the economy does.  Up and Down, Down and Up.  And consumer and Internet technologies will do what they do – only improve.


When the economy finally recovers  – a new base of Internet class mobile devices will be in the hands of the public.  The value chain of today’s e-commerce and advertising driven industries will emerge, like a tsunami, on the mobile scene.



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