Truth – better than Fiction

There are times when we can have a completely and seemingly normal and logical conversation in the context of mobile technology that, if you stop and think, would have you locked up in a mental institution a couple of years ago.  Let me explain:


I was sitting ay my desk this morning, minding my own business when I get phone call from a family member.  For the purposes of keeping this person’s identity anonymous    I will randomly call her “Wife”.  The conversation went something like this:


“Hello dear, how are you?”


“Fine, what’s up?”


“I’ve lost my phone, can you call me back so that I can find it?”


“Sure, no problem”


I then called the exact number that had just called me.


A couple of  rings later “Wife” answers.


“Thanks hon, you’re the best, have a good day”




It all makes perfect sense.  If you can figure out why – send me a comment in the blog.  I will think of a prize for the best explanation.

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