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Truth – better than Fiction

There are times when we can have a completely and seemingly normal and logical conversation in the context of mobile technology that, if you stop and think, would have you locked up in a mental institution a couple of years ago.  Let me explain:


I was sitting ay my desk this morning, minding my own business when I get phone call from a family member.  For the purposes of keeping this person’s identity anonymous    I will randomly call her “Wife”.  The conversation went something like this:


“Hello dear, how are you?”


“Fine, what’s up?”


“I’ve lost my phone, can you call me back so that I can find it?”


“Sure, no problem”


I then called the exact number that had just called me.


A couple of  rings later “Wife” answers.


“Thanks hon, you’re the best, have a good day”




It all makes perfect sense.  If you can figure out why – send me a comment in the blog.  I will think of a prize for the best explanation.

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On July 11th – will the mobile world change forever, again

On July 11th – will the mobile world change forever, again.

  That is the date of next release of the Iphone. The original version has been a form and function success and to a large degree, an important sales vehicle for AT&T.   With enterprise support (exchange), GPS  faster data speeds, and perhaps better battery performance,   the Iphone can become a real competitor to the Blackberry. If companies embrace the device as a true alternative, this next version could unleash pend up demand for people to obtain this device with OPM (other people’s money).   
As with any worthy next generation device, the Iphone is thinner and less expensive. I also am very intrigued by the possibility to download third party applications for the device. Providing a third party eco-system will be important to the long term success of the Iphone.
When the Iphone was introduced a year ago, I panned it in this blog. In retrospect my expectations were too high for such a new, revolutionary device. The proof is that within the last year, there has been no worthy competitor in the IPhone-class product.    There are, of course, many smartphone devices, but none have the total iPhone package.  
The iPhone still has its issues, mainly the phone and the keyboard. One should be easy to fix, one philosophically difficult to fix. I have found the phone functions on the IPhone poor. Perhaps I am just “old school” on phone features. I like tactile buttons, an easy phone contact list and good voice quality. In all these categories the iPhone has been a “B” player. In the browser and entertainment categories, it is in a class by itself.
The keyboard issue on the Iphone is the philosophical issue that still needs work. I say philosophical because it is clear that a mechanical keyboard will not be part of any Iphone product. The soft keyboard is just to error prone for my use. Those who get blackberry messages from me are probably laughing right now. They know that my blackberry typing is not that great. Maybe it is just me?
So the countdown to July 11th is on. The Apple PR machine will be in full
swing. I can hardly wait, yet again.

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