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The Upoc community remains consistent in its political views


 Over the past 2 months we have polled the Upoc community 5 times on presidential candidate preferences. These polls are by any evaluation unscientific.  

 Before I reveal the answers, it is important to disclose that in 2004 we polled the community on their choice for President Bush or Kerry, Let’s just say that the outcome of that poll, had it carried through to the real election, would have changed the history of the world over the past four years. Kerry won that poll by around 15%.
We asked the community about their preference of Democratic Candidates, then each of Hillary and Obama vs McCain, and lastly if Obama should take Hillary as a running mate.
 The preference of the community was strongly for Obama. When given the choice of Obama Vs McCain, Obama won by 20 percentage points. Interestingly, when given the choice of Hillary vs McCain, she also won by about the same margin. So, while Hillary was a clear second choice for our social network, if she had won the nomination they would have supported her. This is an interesting outcome that somewhat contradicts the generally accepted generation gap in Obama vs. Hillary supporters.
This past week we asked the network if Obama should take on Hillary as his running mate. The result was “Yes” by around 20 percentage points. I found this result also surprising, although had we presented a choice of several VP possibilities, the result might have been different.
It would be interesting to see similar polling from Facebook and MySpace. Is it a matter that the social networks are more left leaning (Younger demographic) in their views? Or are the Republicans just less responsive to social networking polls?

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