Upoc poll shows split views on Obama Pastor Speech

Upoc subscribers can opt in to a poll group. This group asks the user base their opinions on a wide range of topics. This week a poll inquired about the recent speech by Barack Obama on Race relations.

The poll and results were as follows:
What do you think about Barack Obama’s speech regarding his pastor’s comments?
· Explained everything
· Explained nothing
· Satisfied
The Upoc poll goes to approximately 100,000 subscribers with a 10-20% response rate.
This is of course a non-scientific poll, but is interesting none the less.    It shows almost an exact split between a positive response (“Explained Everything” and “Satisfied”) and the negative choice (Explained Nothing). Since two of the three possible answers are positive, I would have to admit that the poll structure had a positive bias. With that bias and the significance that this speech has been given by the campaigns and the media, our result would clearly indicate that this issue will not fade away in the near future and that more explanation from the Obama camp will be necessary.
You can join upoc and participate in these polls. 

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