Wireless for the ADHD Crowd!

Mar 04 By mobileman
As my loyal readers will know, I spend a fair amount of time commuting to and from Manhattan. Part of my commute is via NJ Transit trains. During this one hour per day, I try to find ways to either be productive or amuse myself. Since I carry a wide array of wireless devices, I get to try out different modes of time-killing. I also get to observe how my fellow travelers deal with the drudgery and boredom of train travel. 
So here are my top five devices for train travel.
Number 5:
If you happen to be lucky enough to snag a seat and have at least 30 minutes of travel, a laptop with an EVDO card is tops. You get to do work, watch movies, shop or whatever. Nothing is as efficient at wasting time then a Web-enabled laptop.
Choices 4 through 1 are for the cases where you may not have a seat – an all-too-frequent occurrence on NJ Transit trains.
Number 4:
WAP and video-enabled phone. Using video on a phone is awkward in a crowded train because you need some form of headphone. Also video on a very small screen (a la a Krazr) is at best a 30-second distraction rather than a 30-minute entertainment. Reading some news articles on WAP or engaging in some social networking is fine for killing a little time. And if all else fails, your phone can make voice calls!
Number 3:
My previous blog offered a review of the Kindle. It is a great device for killing 30 minutes on a train. You can easily read a book or a newspaper in a very small space. The screen is very legible and the selection of content is huge. But, you can’t make a phone call, which your fellow         passengers will probably appreciate.
Number 2:
Nothing compares with the iPhone for non-phone infotainment. You can browse the Web, listen to music or watch a movie. Email and chatting are also possibilities, although the lack of corporate email features keeps this device in the number-two spot. The iPhone is also the sexiest device, and as I have said in previous reviews, can actually make you more attractive to a potential mate.
Number 1:
I know, I know – you are probably thinking … boring. Well, the BlackBerry gets top marks obviously for email. The Java game capability, with a large screen and trackball has many possibilities for entertaining distractions. I became a Sudoku addict/expert in less than a week on my BlackBerry! There are some okay video options, although much inferior to the iPhone. As long as I don’t want to listen to music, I prefer the BlackBerry for the mix of work productivity and entertainment.

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