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Upoc poll shows split views on Obama Pastor Speech

Upoc subscribers can opt in to a poll group. This group asks the user base their opinions on a wide range of topics. This week a poll inquired about the recent speech by Barack Obama on Race relations.

The poll and results were as follows:
What do you think about Barack Obama’s speech regarding his pastor’s comments?
· Explained everything
· Explained nothing
· Satisfied
The Upoc poll goes to approximately 100,000 subscribers with a 10-20% response rate.
This is of course a non-scientific poll, but is interesting none the less.    It shows almost an exact split between a positive response (“Explained Everything” and “Satisfied”) and the negative choice (Explained Nothing). Since two of the three possible answers are positive, I would have to admit that the poll structure had a positive bias. With that bias and the significance that this speech has been given by the campaigns and the media, our result would clearly indicate that this issue will not fade away in the near future and that more explanation from the Obama camp will be necessary.
You can join upoc and participate in these polls. 

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Always bring your wireless stuff!!

My Wireless Business Trip

Being an executive in the wireless industry, I tend to be an early adopter to new technologies and often rely on the technology, just a bit too much. My recent trip to the West Coast is a good case in point.
The Trip out: (picture is not the guy!)
While I was on the plane to the west coast I had the honor to be sitting next to a distinguished public figure. Since I want to honor his privacy I will not say who he was. We had a brief discussion as we observed that he was reading the Wall Street Journal in paper edition and I was reading it on the Kindle. I tried to demonstrate the coolness of the Kindle and he was mildly intrigued. For the next 5 hours of flight time he devoured his WSJ, ripping out many pages, taking copious notes on the torn articles, and filling then in a folder.   Try that on a Kindle!
Driving Around:
I rented a car from National and wanted to try there in car navigation system and compare it to by GPS enabled Google maps and the VZW navigator application. The Street Pilot from Garmin behaved like a bad “Saturday Night Live” sketch. It took many minutes to find its satellites and thus its location. It barked out directions in quick succession: “Turn Right, Turn Right , recalculating, Turn Left, Turn Left” The screen would have an arrow pointing right and the voice would say turn left. It was sad and amusing.
 My passengers and I , not to be deterred (or detoured) switched our LBS direction technology. First the VZW Navigator was fired up, but for some reason refused to find our location. We then switched to a GPS enabled BlackBerry and achieved a similar fate. Perhaps we were in a GPS Bermuda triangle? 
We finally used a plan vanilla version of Google Maps and easily found our way. 
For my first battle with LBS technology click this link.
At the Continental Presidents Club”
We finished our meetings and settled into the Continental Presidents Club at the airport to wait a couple of hours for our flight. I connected to the free WIFI network that Continental provides and started to work. The problem was that the effective bandwidth I got through their WIFI was clocked in a not so impressive 20 KB/sec.   20KB,/Sec that is so last century!
Fortunately, I travel with lots of options. I disconnected from the WIFI and inserted an EVDO wireless card and presto, 250KB/sec.
I now feel vindicated for carrying  an extra backpack of all my wireless “stuff”. 

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Good Hockey, Good Wireless

It always strikes me as somewhat amazing how much SMS and MMS services have seamlessly integrated themselves with mainstream activities.  As an example, (and no surprise to those who really know me!) I will use this afternoon’s Ranger/Bruin hockey game.  Before you send me lots of comments and email pointing out that what I really wanted to write this blog installment about was the thrilling game – I plead 100% guilty.  I will try to at least give some lip service to mobile internet services while I carry on about the thriller in the “World’s most famous arena”.

The Rangers and Bruins started the day separated by just one point in the standings , with the Broadway Blues holding the advantage.  The Eastern Conference is very tight this year with only 6 points separating the top 7 teams! 

The teams traded excellent scoring chances in the first period with the Rangers testing the Boston goalposts, back boards and protective netting, as much as they challenged the Bruin goaltender. But with no pucks finding the twine of either goal, the period ended scoreless. 

The second period was similar to first with the intensity turned up several notches.  Jaromir Jagr powered by the Bruin defense on three occasions for close in tries, denied on each by Jay Auld, the Bruin net minder.  The Bruins finally did get some sustained pressure on the Rangers, with Henrik up to the challenge.  The second intermission came with no goals.

A special shout out at this point must go a Blue Shirt faithful in the “Blue Section”.  With exactly 1 minute and 5 seconds left in the period he yelled out “ Hey , how much time is left in the period?”.  The announcer of course then followed with “One minute left in the period.  The fan responded with a loud “Thank You!”.  19 thousand people laughed.  At least the tension of the game was broken for a bit.

The third period was frenetic.   Both goalies made acrobatic saves that seemed to defy the laws of physics.  At one point Sean Avery made a great power move to the net and flicked the puck off the left post – “groan!”.  Both teams tried the old tried and true method of pushing the defensemen and the goalie, along with the puck into the net.  In both cases the Referees were close at hand to restore order.

 With about 7 minutes left in the game, Scott Gomez completely undressed a Bruin Defensemen, stealing the puck in the offensive slot area.  Gomez came in on Auld totally uncontested…..and missed.

Both teams traded some good scoring chances in the 5 minute overtime, but it was obvious that this one would be settled “Mano a Mano” with a shootout.  After regular and OT play both goalies. had turned away a combined  64 shots.  That is a whole season of shots for a Soccer team!

(If you have gotten this far in the blog, I promise to have something about mobile services at the end!)

(Also if you have gotten this far there is a good chance we share some DNA!)

The shootout – a best of three – was as nerve racking as it gets in a big game.  Both teams missed their first shots.  Nigel Dawes, a Ranger rookie, took the second shot and ringed it off the left post and into the back of the net! After nearly 3 hours a puck finally entered the net!!  The Bruins missed their final two shots and as Henrik stooped David Krejci, bedlam broke out at the Garden. 

Playoff atmosphere hockey in Mid March.  Very Nice!

If you want to see video highlights of the game – follow this link:,2,1037

So here is the wireless angle on this joyous day.

 At that start of the game I updated my “Up2” microblog with my whereabouts and the status of the game.  During the game there were three wireless polls taken of the audience.  I send an MMS picture of my daughter to be displayed on the arena’s jumbo-tron.  At one point my daughter got lost in the arena (actually she knew where she was,  I didn’t).  She texted me her location, which was back at our seats. ( I can put this in here because my wife does not read this blog!)  And lastly, this entire blog was written on my blackberry on the train ride home.  A very full day indeed!

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Wireless for the ADHD Crowd!

Mar 04 By mobileman
As my loyal readers will know, I spend a fair amount of time commuting to and from Manhattan. Part of my commute is via NJ Transit trains. During this one hour per day, I try to find ways to either be productive or amuse myself. Since I carry a wide array of wireless devices, I get to try out different modes of time-killing. I also get to observe how my fellow travelers deal with the drudgery and boredom of train travel. 
So here are my top five devices for train travel.
Number 5:
If you happen to be lucky enough to snag a seat and have at least 30 minutes of travel, a laptop with an EVDO card is tops. You get to do work, watch movies, shop or whatever. Nothing is as efficient at wasting time then a Web-enabled laptop.
Choices 4 through 1 are for the cases where you may not have a seat – an all-too-frequent occurrence on NJ Transit trains.
Number 4:
WAP and video-enabled phone. Using video on a phone is awkward in a crowded train because you need some form of headphone. Also video on a very small screen (a la a Krazr) is at best a 30-second distraction rather than a 30-minute entertainment. Reading some news articles on WAP or engaging in some social networking is fine for killing a little time. And if all else fails, your phone can make voice calls!
Number 3:
My previous blog offered a review of the Kindle. It is a great device for killing 30 minutes on a train. You can easily read a book or a newspaper in a very small space. The screen is very legible and the selection of content is huge. But, you can’t make a phone call, which your fellow         passengers will probably appreciate.
Number 2:
Nothing compares with the iPhone for non-phone infotainment. You can browse the Web, listen to music or watch a movie. Email and chatting are also possibilities, although the lack of corporate email features keeps this device in the number-two spot. The iPhone is also the sexiest device, and as I have said in previous reviews, can actually make you more attractive to a potential mate.
Number 1:
I know, I know – you are probably thinking … boring. Well, the BlackBerry gets top marks obviously for email. The Java game capability, with a large screen and trackball has many possibilities for entertaining distractions. I became a Sudoku addict/expert in less than a week on my BlackBerry! There are some okay video options, although much inferior to the iPhone. As long as I don’t want to listen to music, I prefer the BlackBerry for the mix of work productivity and entertainment.

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