Iphone changing the Mobile Web

Will iPhone really change the mobile Web?

Jan 14 By mobileman
The big news announced by Google – at least to us mobile types – is the extraordinary number of impressions the Google application in iPhone is generating. It is time to declare the beginning of the end of the existing Web application paradigm on wireless devices. The distinctions between the regular everyday Internet and its wealth of Web 2.0 applications and mobile Internet have started to blur. 
It now appears that an important impact of the iPhone has been to bring the smartphone category into the mainstream consumer consciousness. 
The wireless application developer has long been challenged by the myriad of device types, interfaces, carrier preferences, and version of Java and Brew. Indeed, industries have been created to port and mediate applications between these various client specifications.  
Once the interface of all mobile devices standardizes – at least to the extent it has in the Web – with a couple of browser and capability types, the efficiency, economic viability and speed of innovation for wireless Web applications should dramatically increase. In essence, an entire mediation industry will be removed from the equation, leaving more profit opportunity for the creators of content, applications and, yes, even the carriers.
The key enablers for moving the wireless Web into a modern era are in place. High-speed networks can now enable rich media, Web 2.0 applications and enhanced interactivity. The cost of larger LCD screens, processors and memory have become economical for lower-priced smartphones.    
Consumers are beginning to the cross the chasm of these devices being just for business to using them as a primary consumer device. A quick survey of recent smartphones shows a large selection available at $99, a significant decrease from just 6 months ago. The era of large screen, high-speed martphone being part of the “free” entry phone collection is not too far removed. At that point the interoperable browsing capability on a large screen will be a must have feature.
The future is big, bright, shiny and fast, has lots of memory – and less middlemen.

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