What are you Up2?

What are you Up2?

Upoc is in the midst of a major upgrade. We are adding the fast-paced microblogging feature to our suite of services, available from the Web, WAP or SMS.

This exciting feature only amplifies our status as an existing market leader in the group messaging community. So, in addition to topic-based discussions, Upoc will now offer individuals the ability to microblog by answering the question, “What are you Up2?” 

Users will be able to view an interactive rolling flow of individual Up2 messages and group messages on their Web browsers. When they come across someone interesting, they can become that person’s fan, and get a copy of all future Up2 messages belonging to that user. Also, users can manage the list of their fans and see how popular they are! 

This application is the convergence of Web 2.0 and mobile: User content; interactivity; mobility; personalization; community; social networking, real-time; and soon, multimedia.

This is just the beginning. Upoc is becoming a platform for instantaneous super blogging. If you want to become of fan of my Up2, just go to www.upoc.com and become a fan of username Steve. I am one of almost 4 million subscribers on our platform. … What are you Up2?


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